Close Protection London

Close Protection Chauffeur in London

At Hackett and Hackett we specialise in providing close protection security and chauffeuring services to clients across London and the surrounding areas. Our professional chauffeurs are highly experienced, confidential, as well as being reliable and will provide discreet close protection security across London.

At Hackett & Hackett we provide highly trained ex special forces and UK military personnel for close protection across London. Whether you’re looking to travel overseas or across the UK, our team of trained professional personnel provide a secure service for your peace of mind.

Our team of specialists offer security, ensuring that you can carry on with your day to day activities, knowing that you’re safe and secure.

Protection Drivers and Chauffeurs

We understand that it’s an increasingly complex and diverse world which we live in today, more and more of our clients tend to find themselves asking if they require the extra reassurance offered by our close protection chauffeuring team. At Hackett and Hackett in London we can provide fully trained close protection chauffeurs and offer services and chauffeured transport for Corporate VIPs, Political Figures. Media Celebrities, Sports Personalities and other individuals due to their status, public recognition or occupation who may be subject to unwanted attention.

At Hackett and Hackett, we have years of experience and have provided our chauffeur services to a number of high-profile clients including TV and media personalities and VIP musicians. We’re pleased to have our own in-house close protection team and can assist with a range of requirements that may need close protection.

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High Security Chauffeurs London

As fully trained Close Protection Operatives within the Private Security Industry, as well as being licensed by the SIA, you can trust that you’re in the best hands with Hackett and Hackett. Our highly skilled and experienced London close protection chauffeurs will ensure that you receive a service to the highest standard. We can be on hand to assist with all of the planning, safety and logistics of your itinerary and we’ll ensure that we deliver the highest level of expertise and skills to guarantee an excellent service. So, rest assured that the service will be totally discreet and confidential at all times.

At Hackett and Hackett our team of chauffeurs in London have been trained in defensive security driving, this can be an essential skill when it comes to transporting VIPs, politicians, celebrities, CEOs and other individuals. Skilful defensive driving allows our chauffeurs to avoid potential incidents before they occur, in the small chance that an unavoidable situation arises, our chauffeur team will act immediately and control and solve the problem, keeping clients out of harm’s way.

Depending on the nature of the threat, additional security staff cars may be required, we can discuss any potential threats with you to create an effective solution and reduce potential danger. At Hackett and Hackett when you choose our close protection security services in London, we’ll provide stylish, immaculate and exquisitely kept vehicles.

What Do Your Close Protection Services Include?

Fully trained Close Protection Operatives within the Private Security Industry licensed by the SIA. Experience within CP ranging from:

  • A-List Celebrities and their families
  • Executives and Diplomats within UK
  • VIP Families Internationally

Our CP Team possess a wealth of experience and can effectively be deployed to any CP contract within UK mainland.. At Hackett & Hackett we aim to offer our services to accommodate areas such as:

Our bespoke close protection services also include Bug Sweeping (TSCM) of hotels and meeting rooms from our security team, should you require this service.

Personal VIP Protection Services from Hackett & Hackett

At Hackett & Hackett we understand that travelling can be strenuous and troubling especially when there are concerning safety levels, this is why we prioritise our clients safety above all else. We are lucky to have a team of expertly trained close protection officers who can guarantee you a smooth and carefree journey allowing you to relax and unwind in the deluxe extravagance of your experience.

Our professionally trained chauffeur bodyguards are highly skilled and trained in the security field, with all of our bodyguards having previous experience in either the armed forces or specialist police sector. Certified in a number of defensive and strategic fields, our drivers have extensive training in difficult driving, surveillance and security protection, and are licensed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) with first aid qualifications.

If you are looking for an exceptional, first class protection service then be sure to choose the team at Hackett & Hackett today we offer a discreet and tactful approach to all of the close protection services we offer throughout London. Our professional security chauffeurs will leave you at ease in the knowledge that you’ll have a safe and secure journey where you are guarded and protected at all times. For more information on our close protection services we offer throughout the London area be sure to contact the team at Hackett & Hackett today.

Secure Driver and Chauffeur Hire

VIP Meet & Greet
We provide a close protection security trained driver along with an assistant as an option either fully suited or plain clothes.

Fast Track Clearance and Air Side Facilities
Fast Track provides you with access to a dedicated security lane, enabling you to fly through security and reach the departure lounge quickly. The facility for air side allows Meet & Greet to the actual aeroplane. Lounge facilities available for inbound and outbound guests and chauffeurs / security staff.

Risk Assessment Home & Office
We conduct surveys to see what you have in place and what may be needed moving forward both for home and office and places of strategic importance to you. Part of this is what we call our journey planner evaluating the most effective travel between your home and office.

We provide a VIP close protection service for both individuals and groups if and when required. With our services available around the clock and a highly experienced team of close protection chauffeurs, we can offer a secure and discreet business itinerary or private social event that allows us to work alongside you to ensure you and your guests are protected at all times. There are a number of benefits when choosing our close protection services which include the following…

  • Complimentary Wait Time – When you book your close protection service you can take your time and relax with the team at Hackett & Hackett. We offer a range of airport security pick up services, seaport transfers, event services with pick ups and drop offs from residencies or hotels all with a complimentary wait time allowance.
  • Fixed Prices – When you book your close protection chauffeur services with Hackett & Hackett we promise no hidden costs. The cost of safe and secure luxury travel is confused before you book a close protection car service in London. It will also include any necessary fees, such as airports, etc.
  • Trusted Professional Chauffeurs – Our trusted bodyguard chauffeurs are all hand picked based on their skill set and experience. With full licenses, insurances and fully security checked and vetted you can trust you are in the right hands with our Close Protection chauffeurs. With an outstanding knowledge of London’s roads including financial locations, luxury hotels, restaurants, stadiums and a number of London’s top events and attractions you can trust you are in the best hands. With all routes pre-planned and alternative directions should any changes occur you can be sure to reach that meeting, sports game or simply arrive at your desired destination on time.

Should you be looking to book a close protection service in London, then be sure to call the team at Hackett & Hackett today, our team of low key, discreet chauffeurs will be more than happy to help.

Here at Hackett & Hackett we can offer you a high security chauffeur service throughout the London area. With many of our chauffeurs having backgrounds in either the police or military services there really is no one safer, we can tailor our services to your exact needs. We are consciously mindful of the heightened security conscious world we are currently living in and our expert chauffeurs are constantly trained and kept up to date with the latest defensive driving techniques. Whatever the size of your party we can provide you with a first class service, as we can always provide you with extra security cars for your other VIP guests. We can offer pre-travel briefings to make sure all executives and VIP’s to minimise the risks when they are travelling with us. With onboard tracking and monitoring, we offer optimum safety and reassurance to all of our clients.

Why Choose Us for Close Protection Chauffeurs?

When it comes to booking a close protection chauffeur in London there are a multitude of reasons as to why you should choose the team at Hackett & Hackett. Once we assign one of our close protection operatives to look after you, you will be able to relax and focus on living your life normally by attending events, shopping trips or any long drives. Our objective is to ensure that you carry out each day as normal as possible without the fear of threat or attack. After listening to some of our customers feedback we believe that we should be your first choice for close protection chauffeurs due to:

  • A team of security vetted chauffeurs
  • Years of military or specialist police experience
  • Range of luxury vehicles to choose from
  • Well-known reputation across the London area
  • We go the extra mile

All of our London based operatives are carefully chosen and matched according to the demands of each project, we will always match one of our personal security guards to your needs. We will always consult with you before finalising our handpicked chauffeur, and we guarantee that they will be selected from our pool of experienced, qualified and extremely skilled operators. With many of our chauffeurs coming from police or military backgrounds, they are always able to adapt and be fully flexible, ensuring that the protection that you receive is exactly what you want.

Frequently Asked Questions About Close Protection Chauffeurs

How can your close protection chauffeuring help?

For luxury business and corporate cars, look no further, our range of chauffeur driven vehicles includes, Mercedes, Rolls Royce and Bentley. All of our vehicles are fully serviced and undergo a full check before they pick you up. You can contact our team who will be more than happy to supply more information on the vehicles we have available.

When you choose our secure services you can trust that you’re in the right hands, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to chauffeuring and will make sure that you arrive at your destination on time, safely and through a professional service.

Our close protection services in London includes a chauffeuring with a number of modern vehicles including, Mercedes, Rolls Royce and Bentley. All of our vehicles are fully serviced and undergo a full check before they are checked out for a trip. You can call our team who will be more than happy to supply more information on the vehicles we have available.

Our close protection services is a security service that is aimed at the primary protection of an individual or a group of people for unknown threats. If you believe you may be at a perceived risk of a personal threat then the team at Hackett & Hackett can provide you with a SIA licence close protection chauffeur. For more information on the services we offer be sure to contact our team today.

Each service we carry out to individual clients in the London area is completely unique. We will design a bespoke plan after discussing your requirements and perceived threat level. All of our strategies are designed to limit danger and offer the highest possible level of maximum security. This is why the team at Hackett & Hackett are known for their 5* close protection services throughout London.

For Security and Close Protection Chauffeurs in London, call Hackett & Hackett today!

For Security Chauffeurs across London, look no further, at Hackett & Hackett, our team of professionals will make sure that you receive a quality service ensuring your safety. Call our team today for a FREE quote.