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Business Travel Abroad

As a company that are proud to serve a number of corporate clients who travel, we understand the importance of a thorough organisation. At Hackett and Hackett we offer a service that’s focused on making sure the client arrives safely and on time at their destination, whether it’s at an airport or another location in the UK. Research has shown that nearly a quarter of people feel anxious about the thought of travelling abroad and while holidays are intended to help you relax, business trips are a whole other matter, there’s no denying that they can be stressful too.

From planning your itinerary to deciding what to pack and navigating through a new city, these are just some of the things that can create stress when travelling abroad on holiday. When it comes to business trips, there are so many more stresses and constraints, from keeping to tight schedules, organising meetings while on the go, meeting new colleagues, clients, and customers who you’ve never met before. As well as the added pressure of business trips that involve accompanying products, supplies, information or cargo, in these cases, as well as organising your trip abroad, you’ll also need to work alongside a freight and shipping company, who’ll help to take your items to where they need to be.

When considering all of these areas, we recommend hiring a chauffeur, while getting around maybe a small part of your trip, minimising the hassle of choosing different routes, getting your bearings and arriving at your destination on time will minimise the hassle.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should choose Hackett and Hackett’s chauffeuring abroad services…


Have you ever had to get into a taxi that doesn’t necessarily know where it’s going, or a crowded bus, while not all forms of transportation are reliable and comfortable, you can trust that chauffeur hire is? Our luxurious vehicles mean that you can stretch your legs out, relax and enjoy the journey or get on with that all-important work. With comfortable seats, heating, air conditioner, and refreshments, you can trust that your trip will be as comfy as possible.


We understand that one of the biggest stresses about driving in a new area is getting lost, if you’re travelling abroad, you’ll also need to worry about different traffic laws and unfamiliar street signs. By choosing chauffeur services your driver will be familiar with the local area, not only does this mean that they’ll know how to get you to your destination, but they’ll also know which routes are the fastest, what areas to avoid during rush hour and alternative routes to follow if the road is closed. Any of these setbacks can potentially increase your drive time by a lot, trust an expert chauffeur means that you’ll be able to get to your destination as quickly as possible.


You may be away on business but that doesn’t stop you from a bit of fun and downtime, as well as knowing the local area’s routes, your chauffeur will also know the best local restaurants, bars, and attractions. If you don’t want to spend hours researching different restaurants, or if you’d like to grab a quick meal near your destination, your driver will be able to recommend somewhere for you to go.


You’ve probably driven around the same place countless times just looking for a place to park, this is frustrating and also time-consuming. When you choose a chauffeur-driven car, you won’t need to worry about finding a suitable parking spot, they can drop you offer right at the front of your destination and then find a place to park after you’ve gotten out.


You may be driving through picturesque landscapes, sunsets or historic architecture on your way to your destination. Should you choose the drive yourself, you’ll need to focus on the road and directions so it’s likely that you won’t get to enjoy much of the scenery that you pass. When you hire a chauffeur you can soak up all the beauty surrounding you, you may even spot a restaurant or park that you want to add into your itinerary.


All of the benefits mentioned mean you can trust you’ll have a stress free trip, there’s no need to worry about getting lost, finding a place to park or learning local traffic laws, your chauffeur will be able to handle everything for you while you relax or get some work done.

So, don’t take the risk of feeling stressed out and lost on your upcoming trip, instead enjoy all the benefits above by choosing to hire a chauffeur.

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