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Travel London in Style with Chauffeur Driven Services

There is always something to do in London from sight seeing to shopping, theatre nights to wine tasting… London has it all!

London is a hub of entertainment, with some incredible restaurants, creative performances, and amazing sites, there will always be something to do in London. Travelling and exploring the city stress free, London and spontaneity is overrated, by hiring a chauffeur driven service and having your weekend planned out allows you to focus your energy on the fun you’ll be having.

Chauffeurs and the Theatre

More and more people are hiring chauffeurs for theatre shows, why wait around for a taxi? Booking a reliable chauffeur service such as Hackett and Hackett will ensure you arrive on time and collected when your show is finished. Hiring a chauffeur driven car allows you to travel London’s west end in style and comfort, all your needs will be taken care of.

London is host to many different types of theatre shows from The Lion King to Wicked and many more. A chauffeur driven car allows you to take a relaxing journey across London without having to worry about navigating traffic or the tube system. Arriving at the theatre by a chauffeur driven car means you can arrive stress free and relaxed.

Chauffeurs and Museums

What better way to learn about British history and the impact is had on the world, fighting epic world wars and discovering new inventions? You are guaranteed to learn something new and experience a wonderful taste of Britain, but why not make the most of your museum visits and hire a chauffeur driven car? Meaning no time for stress and more time for culture, trust in a driver who knows the London roads well and can take you from museum to museum with ease.

London Sightseeing and Chauffeuring

Whether your visiting London for the first time or hundredth time there is always sights to see! Visit some of the most famous landmarks in the world, and see some of the small sites of London that are considered little secrets compared to the likes of Big Ben and the Tower of London. A chauffeur driven experience allows you to explore London stress free and in comfort. One of the main benefits of having a chauffeur driven car whilst exploring the sites of London is that travelling between different places is a lot quicker than walking allowing you to make the most of your London experience.

Evening Chauffeur Hire in London

At the London Chauffeur Company, we guarantee to get you there in time to get your seat and see your favourite artist in concert. We also cover a lot of music, film T.V and media award ceremonies as well as corporate events. We offer the perfect way to arrive in style at your favourite hotel or restaurant. Leave it to us to ensure you get there safely, stress free and in time for curtain up.

Chauffeurs and Shopping

We have all experienced the nightmare of lugging heavy shopping bags around, especially carrying bags and dragging them onto a bus or crowded tube. If you want to make your shopping trip that little bit more extra why not hire a chauffeur driven car? We all know shopping can be tiring hiring a chauffeur gives you the time to relax between locations, allowing you to take in scenic views. If there are a few of you, a chauffeur driven ride gives you the chance to catch up – a luxury you can’t achieve on public transport. Not only does a chauffeur driven shopping trip give you the chance to take in the sights and catch up but saves your back when trying to lug around those heavy shopping bags.

Why Does an Executive Chauffeur Makes Experiencing London Better?

If you are looking for the best possible experience of London, making the journey between hotspots of the capital city more comfortable and relaxing. Here are a few reasons why an executive chauffeur can improve your London experience;

  • Avoid the Crowds; Though there’s so much to love about London, there are also some things that
    are less desirable, such as the crowds that are on every street.
  • See all of London; Though London has a fantastic public transport network, it can still be a difficult feat to navigate buses, tubes and taxis in order to see everything you want to during a short stay.
  • Get Where You Need to Be; The local knowledge of a chauffeur, including the best way to get where you want to go, can be the perfect way to get around for both business and personal trips.
  • Treat Yourself; A little bit of luxury can make any day better and can make a special day even more of a treat.

Why Choose Hackett and Hackett for an Executive Chauffeur Driven Service?

At Hackett and Hackett our ethos is to provide you with a lifestyle enhancing service when you hire a professional chauffeur. We pride ourselves on delivering a first class, reliable, professional and cost-effective service at all times. Get in contact with one of our friendly team members today, to find out how we can give you a once in a lifetime experience.

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