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Why Choose a Chauffeur Service for your Wedding Day?

Enhance Your Wedding Day with a Chauffeur Driven Car

Your wedding day is more than likely going to be the biggest and most special day of your life, this is one of the reasons why they are accurately planned years in advance to make sure everything runs swiftly and smoothly. From wedding car hire to your wedding cake, each part of your day should be planned to utter perfection.

One of the most important things about any wedding day is choosing your method of transport to get you to and from your place of marriage. Whether you decide on a more classic or modern vehicle, it is important to choose a car that feels luxurious. Choosing an extravagant car for your big day can have a number of benefits to both the happy couple and the day itself.

Why Choose a Chauffeur Service for your Wedding Day

All About the Look

Just like the bride and groom, your vehicle should radiate the same style. When it comes to weddings, looking stylish is the key, so why rock up in a family car when you could enjoy a luxurious chauffeur driven vehicle. A vehicle that oozes style will only enhance the look of the big day and will give the bride a car she can be proud to step out of.

Your car doesn’t need to be plain either, decoration such as ribbons and bows can easily be added which helps the vehicle to blend into the theme of the wedding. All of the wedding cars we offer at Hackett & Hackett are designed to offer a both a stylish exterior look and interior finish.

Fabulous Photo Opportunities

When it comes to weddings, you’re guaranteed to see pictures being taken of everyone and everything. From guests requesting photos, to selfies and even your own wedding photographs, you are bound to be left with a huge picture trail of your big day. At Hackett & Hackett, we understand that couples want to be captured in their wedding car and that’s why our team allow plenty of time for photo opportunities.

Whether you choose to prop up against your wedding car for the ultimate wedding pose or enjoy a romantic kiss in the back of the vehicle; the photo opportunities are endless. Our fleet of vehicles are perfect for any couple to enjoy and use as photo opportunities.

No Hassle

When you use our service at Hackett & Hackett the car and the chauffeur come as a package. All you need to do is relax and enjoy the view from your window. Unlike using a cab service, you need not worry that the classic wedding car will run late. Our seasoned drivers understand how important this day is to you and your partner and will ensure you get to the ceremony on time. We’ve been doing this for years.

Our highly rated drivers are more than familiar with those London roads and we can assure you our drivers have been driving for a number of years. There is no need for you to keep your eye on the road afraid of making the wrong turn. In addition, we rely on GPRS systems to pinpoint your ceremony’s or reception’s exact position.

Instead of bothering with directions, sit back and enjoy our complimentary bottle of chilled champagne in the back seat.

Luxurious Feel Throughout the Day

Everyone loves to feel that extra bit special and on your wedding day you deserve to feel and be treat like royalty. With a luxury wedding care, you’re sure to be noticed as you journey to your venue, and it’s the perfect opportunity for you to wave and enjoy all of the attention you’re been given.

At Hackett & Hackett, we offer a fantastic selection of cars for weddings that are sure to attract the attention of onlookers and your wedding guests. From modern to classics, all our vehicle come with a high quality, luxurious interior.

The Best Transportation for the Happy Couple

The two most important people when it comes to wedding are the happy couple. Most couples will barely get any real time together during the whole occasion, but having chauffeur driven wedding cars means you can relax and unwind together.

Whether it be the journey from your accommodation or the event afterwards, then it’s a great time for you to enjoy some quality time together. Our drivers offer a professional service, and we make both the bride and groom feel like royalty when they travel with Hackett & Hackett.

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